Meet the people who are a part of the Shared.Futures collaborative.

Abby Granath

Scientist | @abs_gran

Abby is a recent graduate from the University of New Mexico. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology as a member of the Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research Program. Her research focuses on the stress resistance of plant root-associated fungi. Abby is passionate about both art and science and the connections the two share.

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Anjali Mulchandani, PhD

Scientist | Website

Anjali is an environmental engineer and a professor at the University of New Mexico. She leads a team of students to study environmental resource sustainability. Her work encompasses themes of water resources engineering, waste-to-energy technologies, and environmental clean-up. She is passionate about education, science communication, and outreach within her community.

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Arelis Haskamp

Arelis Haskamp Buchanan is an autistic, New Mexico based artist who specializes in multi-media art pieces. She graduated with an English degree from UNM. She works from her home studio, where she also cares for her three special needs children.

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Ashley Apodaca


Ashley is an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico studying environmental science with a minor in sustainability studies. As someone who is passionate about science, she is interested in exploring science communication through various mediums including art.

Malcolm King

Artist | Website |

Malcolm practices illustration, screen print, relief print, and graphic design. His illustrations draw inspiration from cultural and biological studies. As a part of Shared Futures he hopes to create relationships with other researchers and incorporate the dialogue into his artistic practice.

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Mandolin J. Rain Song

Artist | Website

Mandolin (Rain Song) is a Filmmaker and Interdisciplinary Mixed Media Artist. She is in the early stages of her career as a Filmmaker, working toward her dreams of Directing and Writing - driven by her love for Story Telling, she takes on many roles. Through many mediums and lenses Mandolin seeks to discuss topics of Philosophy by provoking thought with imagination and creativity.

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Melinda Morgan


Melinda Morgan grew up in Idaho. She’s also lived in Oregon, Wyoming and New Mexico and considers herself a creature of the West. She is the W.K. Kellogg Chair in Sustainable Environmental & Food Systems and Director of Sustainability Studies and a professor in Geography & Environmental Studies at the University of New Mexico. Mindy has dedicated her career to taking on natural resource and environmental challenges. Prior to academic life, she worked for NGOs as a lobbyist and as an environmental attorney representing nonprofit environmental groups. Her current research and teaching center on emerging trends in environmental governance.

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Naomi DeLay


Naomi DeLay is a graduate student pursuing her Master’s degree in the Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of New Mexico. Her research focuses on the water quality of springs in the Cibola National Forest and the effects of forest fires on spring systems. Her goal is to work with local agencies to improve the water quality of waters available to under-represented communities in New Mexico that lack access to clean waters. Born and raised in New Mexico, Naomi credits hiking and camping in the Jemez Mountains for inspiring her to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in earth science.

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Ria Mukerji

Scientist | @ria_mukerji

Ria is a PhD student working on hazard & risk perception and indigenous perspectives in northern New Mexico (on the Ohkay Owingeh pueblo) and in Ecuador. She moved to New Mexico in 2020 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she was a grad student at LSU (geaux tigers). To her a shared future means community. Community is what creates change and she is passionate about fostering an inclusive, open community to create a resilient New Mexico and Albuquerque where we all work to preserve land, water and people!

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Sonia Luévano


Sonia is an oil-painter, but she is also a photographer, craftsman, designer, and a carpenter. You can see these elements in her work from realistic creatures rooted into a surreal scene, to hand-built canvases and dramatic narratives. Born in Goshen, Indiana, she knew from a young age that her dream was to pursue art. Though she has moved to many places to fulfill her various artistic endeavors, she has been home in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 2011, where her art has taken form, her tribe found, and her growing family; all inspiring her in what she does with her art. She has degrees in art from Bethel University (B.A.) and Pontifex University (M. Sacred Art).

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Lisa Hurst

Organizer, Artist | Website | @insearchofsolidground

Lisa is a photographer and teaching artist. She spends much of her time traveling with a camera in tow, capturing feelings foreign places evoke within the soul and the bond we have with the ground beneath our feet.

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Tybur Casuse-Driovínto

Organizer | LinkedIn | email

Tybur is a PhD candidate at the University of New Mexico in the department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering. Their background is in development of electrochemical sensing of Arsenic in water with well oriented gold surfaces. Community oriented engineering and science communication is a passion of theirs and is incorporated into each piece of their work.

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Marisol Meyer Driovínto

Organizer | LinkedIn | email

Marisol is a graduate student at the University of New Mexico in the department of Community and Regional Planning.

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Yolanda C. Lin, PhD

Lead organizer | website | @DisasterYolanda | email

Yolanda is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico in the department of Geography and Environmental Studies who loves to blend science and art to see the world in new ways. Her research focuses on natural hazards, risks, and disasters. She is also a data visualization enthusiast, a dedicated cat mom, and an avid gardener.

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